Aviation Training Systems

Electronic Fundamentals

For the instruction of electrical and electronic fundemantals, Sphaera's interactive electronic circuits feature fully simulated resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes together with integrated test equipment.

We offer a pack of 3 circuits, providing all that is needed to demonstrate or observe how these electronic components combine to form an astable circuit, a bistable circuit and a combined astable/bistable circuit.

Basic Electronic Circuits


All of the circuits include an integrated digital multimeter and oscilloscopes to assist in the demonstration or observation of the circuit operation, as measurements can be taken from any part of the circuit at any time.

The instructor or the student is also provided with the flexibility of running the simulation in various modes, such as Key Event Mode, which automatically pauses the simulation whenever events designated as key events occur.

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This product can be purchased online via our products list page or alternatively we can build electronic simulations to bespoke requirements.

Astable Bistable Circuit

A simulation of an astable/bistable circuit.



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