30mm Aden Gun

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30mm Aden gun

Aden gun during loading

Internal and external views of the 30mm Aden gun.


The Aden gun is installed in many military aircraft and can fire 30mm ammumition at a rate of 1200 to 1400 rounds per minute.

Within the gun, a rotating breech cylinder is used to carry a succession of rounds to the firing position. Beneath the breech cylinder, slides move backwards and forwards to rotate the breech cylinder and drive the ammunition into the chambers. Understanding how the breech cylinder and slides interact is key to understanding the operation of the gun.



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Aden gun during loading



Sphaera's fully interactive Aden gun CBT, comprises a superb set of 5 interactive animations that enables instructors to clearly demonstrate the operation of the gun during loading, firing and unloading.


Aden gun slides and cam lever guide



Fully controllable animation enables instructors or students to repeatedly observe the operation of the breech cylinder, breech cylinder rollers, slides, cam lever, cam lever guide, deflector cam and other components.

This instructor-led Aden gun CBT can be purchased online now by visiting our products list or for more information contact us.