3D Simulation of Air Weather Radar

3D Simulation and Serious Games

Sphaera uses the latest 3D simulation tools to produce classroom trainers, 3D environments and serious games that deliver the ultimate training experience at an amazing cost-effective price!


Air Weathter Radar Trainer DME Radio Navigation Trainer ATC Radar and Transponder Trainer ILS (Instrument Landing System) Trainer

Aircraft Radar and Radio Navigation Trainers

Some of our latest developments include fully interactive 3D trainers for DME (distance measuring equipment), ATC transponders,air weather radar and ILS (instrument landing system).

All will run beautifully using a standard PC within the classroom!

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Tower Crane Training Simulator with Oculus Rift

Tower Crane Training Simulator

Our tower crane training simulator, currently being developed for the construction industry, utilises the latest COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) 3D gaming & virtual reality technology to create realistic, fully immersive training environments. This enables training to be conducted in complete safety and reduces the need for busy organisations to remove vital machinery from productive service.

The Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted display tracks head movement allowing operators to seamlessly look around in their virtual world just as they would in real life, such as looking around the cabin and peering out of the side window at the construction site below.

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3D Graphics and Animations

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