Aviation Training Systems

Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Sphaera specialise in the production of highly interactive simulated hydraulic systems, classroom trainers and bespoke CBT courseware (or eLearning) for generic, commercial or military aircraft.



Aircraft Hydraulic System Simulation

Generic Aircraft Hydraulic System Simulation

This fully interactive simulation of a typical generic aircraft hydraulic system provides complete control of the pump, control lever and accumulator enabling instructors to clearly demonstrate the purpose and operation of the system components and their associated cockpit controls and indicators.


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Typical Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

A320 CBT for hydraulic system

Typical Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Our expanding range of hydraulic system courseware includes overviews of the hydraulic systems on the Bombardier CRJ200, Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 and Airbus A320.

We are happy to work with schools or aircraft operators to extend the content to suit any specific training needs.


Interactive System Diagrams

System diagrams like the one shown on the right are typical of what would be included within a bespoke CBT course.

Instructors or students can build up the diagram as a series of easy to understand steps, allowing function of each component to be explained as it is introduced. They are then able to demonstrate or view hydraulic flow and even explore inside hydraulic components such as hydraulic pumps, filters, valves, servo-jacks and to observe their internal operation.

Aircraft Hydraulic System

A generic aircraft hydraulic system.

Controls and Indications

We also create fully functional control panels which can interface with schematic system diagrams (to learn about system operation) or used to practise associated flight management procedures (for flight training).

For more on hydraulic system CBT for specific aircraft see:

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BAe 146 hydraulic panel

BAe 146 hydraulic panel.

Basic Hydraulic Principles

Basic Hydraulic Principles

Online Lesson & Quiz

For more information on basic hydraulic principles, see our online basic hydraulic principles lesson and associated quiz!


Hydraulic Components

This section also contains links to information on individual hydraulic system components.



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