Aviation Training Systems

Sphaera provides interactive training systems such as CBT, elearning and desktop simulation to air forces, airlines, groundschools and aerospace engineering colleges around the world.

For more information on our readily available COTS aviation training products or our affordable bespoke CBT production service, select the relevant link below:



Aircraft Instrument Trainers

For more information on our range of instrument trainers, click on the links below:


.VORTex VOR Instrument Trainer


CBT for Aircraft Systems

For more information on the creation of training material for specific systems, click on the links below:.

.Hawk 100 Series Avionics

BAE Hawk 100 Series Avionics

CBT for Commercial Aircraft

Sphaera has the capability and the expertise to produce CBT or elearning for any type of commercial aircraft. For more information on recent or current projects, click on the links below:


.Airbus A320 CBT for EFIS and ECAM

Airbus A320 CBT covering the EFIS and the ECAM


CBT for Military Aircraft

For more information on training material for military aircraft, and military systems, click on the links below:


.Interactive 3D Hawk Mk 65

The interactive 3D Hawk is an ideal instructional tool for subjects such as system component location


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

For more information on non-destructive testing, follow the link below: