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eLearning and computer based training (CBT) provide training using a media-rich delivery of graphics, sound, animations and video.

Although our courseware development services are normally bespoke (based purely on the requirements of the customer) an expanding range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) training products are now available. Most of these products can be purchased online now by visiting our products list or, for more information, contact us.

For examples of CBT training and elearning, click on the links below:


Aviation Training

Sphaera supplies aviation training software to the air forces, airlines, groundschools and aerospace engineering colleges around the world.

This includes interactive 3D models of aircraft and system components, intelligent system diagrams, instrument trainers, cockpit graphics and emulated control panels.


Aviation training software.


Moodle is a popular LMS (Learning Management System) that enables training schools to easily create effective online elearning or blended learning.

We can set up and host your Moodle installation for you or create engaging, interactive content using the latest HTML5 techniques to ensure perfect experiences on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet of mobile).

More about Moodle...


Bespoke LMS

As well as Moodle, we have the capability to create bespoke , fully customisable learning management systems and online assessments.

More about our bespoke LMS...

Learning Management System (Hydraulics Lesson).

Automotive Training (Motor Vehicles)

Sphaera is a provider of high-quality automotive CBT for use in training schools and engineering colleges.



Educational Software

Sphaera has produced educational software based on National Curriculum objectives. Used to supplement traditional classroom teaching methods, these products can be used within schools or at home



Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Widely used within the aerospace industry, non-destructive testing or NDT is the process by which materials are tested for defects without affecting their serviceability.

In partnership with NDT Resources Ltd, Sphaera can provide training material to support the training for all the most popular NDT methods.



Training Needs Analysis

If required, we can assist you to create an accurate training needs analysis (TNA) which will identify your training requirements and the most cost effective solution, developed using our preferred development methodology.