Aviation Training Systems

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

Sphaera has expertise in the design of bespoke interactive CBT courseware covering gas turbine engines for both commercial and military aircraft.


Using 3D interactive models, users can identify the location of key engine components.

Clear schematic diagrams allow the engine to be built-up in a series of easy to understand steps and allow the user to observe the flow of air through the 4 phases of the working cycle - induction, compression, combustion and exhaust.

For interactive training to demonstrate gas turbine engine performance see:

For more information on the working cycle of piston engines (which follow a similar working cycle to that of a gas turbine engine) see:

Interactive 3D Hawk Mk 65
Adour turbofan engine

The Adour turbofan engine provides propulsion for the many variations of Hawk.


Fully functional control panels can be used to demonstrate or learn about system operation and also to practise associated flight management procedures.

For more information on off-the-shelf training material for engine indicating systems see:


BAe 146 engine panel

An example engine panel from the BAe 146.


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