Aviation Training Systems

Aircraft Instrument Trainers

Sphaera's aircraft instrumentation training software is used by aerospace engineering colleges within the UK and around the world.

We currently offer a package which includes 3 flight instruments trainers (altimeters, airpeed and VSI) and 5 indicating systems trainers (position indication, engine speed, engine temperature, pressure indication and fuel contents).


Flight Instrument Trainers

Flight Instruments

We currently offer 3 flight instruments trainers which are available seperately or as part of a package:



Indicating Systems Trainers

Indicating Systems

Our range of indicating systems trainers includes:



All instruments are supplemented with interactive schematic diagrams showing barometric systems, altitude alert systems, pitot static and dynamic pressure, Desynn (synchro) transmitters, tachometer systems, pulse probe systems, thermocouples and more.

Where appropraite, the use of 3D represents the real world situation or aids with component location.

These and other products can be purchased online now by visiting our product listings at:

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EGT gauge and thermocouple harness

An interactive EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) gauge and thermocouple harness.


Aircraft Instrumentation Package

Complete 8-in-1 Package

All the above are available as a complete package of 3 flight instruments trainers and 5 indicating systems trainers saving 20% of the normal price if all purchased individually.

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Navigation Trainers

VOR Navigation Trainer

VOR Navigation Trainer

VOR Trainer is used by groundschools and aerospace engineering colleges for instruction on RMI, RBI, HSI and VOR Indicators.

VORTex is a single user PC version and is also available online.



Gyroscopic Principles

Interactive Gyroscope

Interactive Gyroscope

This classroom training aid features a fully interactive gyroscope and model of the Earth, allowing instructors to easily demonstrate rigidity, real wander, transport wander, apparent wander and precession.


CBT for Electronic Instrument Systems

A320 CBT for EFIS and ECAM

Airbus A320 CBT

Over 30 minutes of student self-paced training featuring narration, interactivity, embedded questions and remedial branching that covers the A320 EFIS and ECAM.


Aircraft Systems

For more information on training material that can be created for specific systems, click on the links below: