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VOR Trainer and VORTex

VOR Trainer and VORTex are used by pilot training schools and aerospace maintenance training colleges and is now in use in 15 countries around the world.

Both are user friendly, 'click-and-go' programs that enable the students to really understand VOR and quickly gain familiarisation with various forms of VOR or ADF display. Pilots can then go on to extend beyond VFR flying by practising and perfecting their homing, radial tracking and holding patterns around VOR or non-directional beacons.

This product is available for licensed use by training organisations or for single-user home use. For more information see our licensing options below.

If you want to try before you buy, an evaluation version of VORTex is available for download by clicking here.


.VOR Trainer on SMART Board at Barry College

VOR Trainer in use via a SMART Board within the ICAT (International Centre for Aerospace Training), South Wales.

  VOR Trainer Layout


With real-time 3D visualisation of the aircraft and VOR information, students can enhance their understanding of the relationships between the VOR information and the various forms of display such as RBI, RMI, HSI and VOR Indicator.

Instant positioning controls allow pilots to repeatedly perform and perfect various instrument patterns around VOR beacons.

  • Sector 1 procedure (parallel entry)
  • Sector 2 procedure (offset entry
  • Sector 3 procedure (direct entry)

The central display can be turned OFF or set to one of 3 modes, including Track mode to display the track of the aircraft so you can check how well you did after flying a holding pattern around a VOR beacon.

By using the wind controls, student pilots can observe the effect of wind on heading and timings and practise how to compensate for it.

Licence Options

Flying schools or aerospace maintenance training colleges can use VOR Trainer for instructional use.

Our site licence allows VOR Trainer to be run on an unlimited number of computers or on an internal network within the school:

  • VOR Trainer with site licence only £990
  • Badged to carry your own logo
  • Bespoke modifications available (POA)

You can purchase this product online now by visiting our products list or, for more information, contact us


.VOR Trainer site licence

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If you hold a PPL and wish to extend beyond VFR flying then VORTex is the product for you!

This single user CD-ROM PC version of VOR Trainer is available online at the reduced price of only £19.95 (rrp £29.95).

Handling and postage to any address in the world is FREE. The payment will be processed by PayPal and the information kept secure and private.


.VORTex single user

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