Aviation Training Systems

Aircraft Armament and Role Equipment

Modern military aircraft feature a wide range of weapons and equipment to adapt them to the role for successul carriage and release.



Sphaera's expertise in aircraft armament derives from:

  • Design of interactive CBT courseware for aircrew and groundcrew
  • Conducting on-the-job training (OJT)
  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands-on maintenance and preparation
  • Weapons loading

Our knowledge, experience and technical capability enables us to produce bespoke CBT for any armament related training requirement. The links below provide examples of off-the-shelf instructor-led CBT:


Interactive Ejector Release Unit (ERU)

This fully interactive ERU is a classroom training aid that enables instructors or students to explore the components of the ERU and observe manual or automatic operation.


ERU (Ejector Release Unit) 119

ERU (Ejector Release Unit) No 119 Mk 4.

Interactive 30mm Aden Gun

The fully interactive Aden gun enables instructors to clearly demonstrate the operation of key components during loading, firing and unloading.


30mm Aden gun

30mm Aden gun.

Interactive Hawk Gun Pod

This fully interactive classroom training aid that enables instructors or students to interact with all the major panels and fairings, to demonstrate, observe or practise the entire 30mm ammunition loading procedure.


Hawk gun pod

Hawk gun pod.

Interactive CBLS

Interactive CBLS
This interactive CBLS is a classroom training aid that can be used to demonstrate safety features, flightline maintenance and loading procedures associated with this equipment. It includes an interactive ERU 122.



CBLS (Carrier, bomb, light stores).


For more about aircraft weapons systems including on-line demonstrations of interactive system diagrams and weapons control panels see:



For more information on instrument trainers or training material for specific systems, click on the links below: