Aviation Training Systems

Altimeter and Servo Altimeter Trainer

The altimeter trainer provides the instructor or student with a fully functional altimeter and servo altimeter that receive barometric input from a 3D aircraft located within a window on the right of the screen.



The user has full control over aircraft altitude enabling them to demonstrate or observe how altitude is indicated on both these instruments.

Both instruments are supported with interactive schematic diagrams that also receive barometric input from the 3D aircraft. This allows the internal operation of each instrument to be observed right across an altitude range of -1,000 ft up to 50,000 ft.

The millibar scale (or baroscale) on each instrument can be adjusted using the applicable ground pressure setting switch and the ground height can be controlled to demonstrate barometric error.

Altimeter and servo altimeter

An interactive altimeter and servo altimeter.


An altitude preselector allows the operation of a typical altitude alert system to be observed. Instruction can be enhanced by visualisation of the selected altitude and the thresholds above and below.

Minimise and maximise controls allow each instrument to be viewed in close-up or both to be viewed at the same time.

This product can be purchased as part of an aircraft instrumentation package which also includes:

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Servo Altimeter

A close-up of the servo altimeter


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