Aviation Training Systems

Engine Speed Indicator Trainer

The engine speed trainer provides both N1 and N2 gauges that receive input from animated schematic diagrams of:

  • Tachometer system with tachogenerator and indicator
  • Pulse probe system with phonic wheel



The user has control over engine speed by sliding the thrust lever forwards or backwards and can observe how the tachometer and pulse probe systems translate speed of rotation into an indication on a gauge.

N1 gauge and tachometer system

N1 gauge and tachometer system.


The location of the components on the aircraft may be identified by using an animated 3D sequence that zooms in and fades out obstructing layers to highlight the applicable components beneath.

This product can be purchased as part of an aircraft instrumentation package which also includes:

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Phonic Wheel

Animated operation of a phonic wheel.


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