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Interactive Gyroscope

The principles and properties of a gyroscope can be a challenging subject for students to learn and for instructors to teach.


Sphaera's interactive gyroscope is used by air forces, airlines and aerospace colleges around the world to provide instructors with all that they need to demonstrate the following gyroscopic principles and properties (click on any of the items below for more):

The gyro moving around the Earth

Understand gyroscopic principles and properties with Sphaera's interactive gyroscope software.


With a fully interactive gyroscope and model of the Earth, students can quickly understand the principles of rigidity, real wander, transport wander and apparent wander.

The interface provides instructors with total control of gyroscope spin, gyroscope lateral movement, gyroscope longitudinal movement and Earth rotation. The gyroscope may be viewed from space or from the Earth.

Additional features include, automatic alignment (vertical, local vertical and local north), manual alignment, geocentric camera lock and ground position indication.

The gyro viewed from space

Rigidity and various types of wander can be easily demonstrated.


When viewed in a mount, the gyroscope can be set to spin in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction and force or torque applied to the inner or outer gimbals for the demonstration of Sperry's Rule of Precession.

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The gyro mounted in gimbals

Sperry's Rule of Precession.


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