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Gyroscope Precession

Precession refers to the movement of a gyroscope's axis as the result of torque applied about an axis that is not aligned with its spin axis.

Because a gyroscope contains a spinning rotor mass, its behavior when torque is applied may be different to that displayed by an identical but stationary mass subjected to the same torque. If the torque is applied about an axis that is aligned with the spin axis then no precession will take place.

Precession is caused by the applied force being carried in the direction of the spin. This results in the torque apparently acting around an axis perpendicular to the axis around which the torque was applied.

The Interactive Gyroscope enables a mounted gyroscope to be set to spin in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction and force or torque applied to the inner or outer gimbals for the demonstration of Sperry's Rule of Precession.

The gyro mounted in gimbals
Observe, understand or demonstrate precession with the Interactive Gyroscope.


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