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Transport Wander

Transport wander can occur when a gyroscope is transported from one point on the Earth to another. Any wander observed will be in addition to that caused by the rotation of the Earth.

This wander is only apparent when the gyroscope crosses a meridian that is converging with another. So, at any latitude other than the Equator, any East-West movement will cause transport wander.

As North-South movement involves tracking along a meridian (and not crossing) then no transport wander occurs. Although East-West movement along the Equator does involve crossing meridians, because all meridians are parallel at the Equator then once again no transport wander occurs.

Transport wander caused by moving around the Earth


The Interactive Gyroscope provides instructors with total control of the movement of the gyroscope around the Earth, making it easy to demonstrate and understand transport wander.

It also provides all that is needed to demonstrate other gyroscopic principles and properties:

Transport wander caused by moving around the Earth


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