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Apparent Wander

Apparent wander, as opposed to real wander, is the apparent movement of the spin axis away from the local vertical. The cause of this apparent movement is the rotation of the Earth combined with gyroscope rigidity. Wander may also occur when a gyroscope is transported from one point on the Earth to another. This is referred to as transport wander.

This apparent rate of displacement is reduced if the distance to the North or South poles is reduced. In fact, when the gyroscope is located at either the North or South pole, the rotation of the Earth will cause no apparent wander.

Apparent wander caused by the Earth' s rotation


The Interactive Gyroscope provides instructors with total control of the Earth's rotation and gyroscope location so that apparent wander may be observed and understood.

It also provides all that is needed to demonstrate other gyroscopic principles and properties:

Apparent wander caused by the Earth' s rotation


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