Basic Hydraulic Principles

Simple Hydraulic System

A simple hydraulic system such as that within a hydraulic jack consists of two different sized cylinders connected by a pipe.



According to Pascal's Law, pressure exerted on the smaller piston is transmitted through the fluid to act on internal surface of the larger piston. Pressure is a property of the system (not the pistons) and is therefore experienced equally by each piston. Because each piston has a different surface area, the force exerted on each piston will be different, even though the pressure is the same.

If the larger piston is twice the area of the smaller piston then the force on the larger piston will be twice as great. In order to create that extra force, the smaller piston has to be moved by twice the distance.

Joseph Barmah applied his understanding of this principle when he patented the Bramah Press in 1795.

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Simple Hydraulic System

A simple hydraulic system.

More Basic Hydraulics Training Material

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