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Interactive Training Solutions

For Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering CBT

Sphaera designs and develops interactive training solutions for use by aircraft maintenance engineering colleges worldwide.

See below for information on some examples of aircraft systems CBT, system simulation and our capability for developing CBT for military combat aircraft.


Gas Turbine Jet Engine CBT

This package of 4 interactive gas turbine engines can be used flexibly in the classroom to form the basis for many important introductory lessons to gas turbine engines.

Clear schematic diagrams allow each engine to be built-up in a series of easy to understand steps, enabling students to observe each phase of the Brayton cycle and appreciate the different approaches to engine design.

The CBT package includes Avon Turbojet, Adour Turbofan, CFM56 and RB211, therefore providing good examples of single-spool, twin-spool and multi-spool arrangements.

A320 CBT for EFIS and ECAM

This CBT provides an excellent example of a typical layout of an electronic instrument system, delivering approximately 25 minutes of fully-featured student self-paced training (with narration, interactivity, embedded questions and remedial branching) on the EFIS and ECAM.

Generic Aircraft Hydraulic System Simulation

This fully interactive simulation of a typical generic aircraft hydraulic system provides complete control of the pump, control lever and accumulator enabling instructors to clearly demonstrate the purpose and operation of the system components and their associated cockpit controls and indicators.

Hawk Weapons System

Sphaera has designed and developed a wide range of engineering training material for military aircraft, including various versions of the Hawk.

Our interactive training solutions include interactive 3D models, control panels and schematic diagrams to ensure that training is engaging and effective.

If you wish to use any of our CBT within your training school, or require any bespoke aircraft systems training material to be created, simply contact us!.