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Bombardier Dash-8

CBT or eLearning Development Services for Dash-8 Training

Bombardier Dash-8 CBT or eLearning

Sphaera has successfully designed and delivered CBT and eLearning for various types of commercial aircraft and military aircraft. If you need to develop a new training material or update any existing courses, then we can help you.

Dash-8 Hydraulics System CBT

This overview of the hydraulic system from the Dash-8 Q400 is an example of material that could be delivered as CBT within a classroom or as part of an online eLearning package. 

It features sharp, clear and colourful images to describe the purpose and function of the main and auxiliary hydraulic systems, their normal sources of power, back-up supplies, distribution and their associated cockpit controls and indications.

Material like this can be extended and contextualised to suit any specific requirements or equipment fit.

PW150A Turboprop from Dash-8 Q400

The Dash-8 Q400 is powered by a pair of PW150A turboprops each driving a six bladed, constant speed, variable pitch, fully feathering Dowty R408 propeller.

This engine features a low-pressure (LP) spool and a high-pressure (HP) spool with centrifugal compressor, but, as this is a turboprop design it also has additional stages to extract as much of the gas energy as possible and turn the propeller. On this engine this is a two-stage power turbine driving a third shaft connected to the propeller through a reduction gearbox.

We have a large set of clear schematic images for this engine and its associated cockpit instrumentation, which can be used to quickly create bespoke training material to match your specific training requirements.

If you are a Dash-8 operator and require development of training material or training media to enhance your existing courses, simply contact us!