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BAE Systems Hawk

Interactive Training

BAE Systems Hawk

The Hawk has been in service with the RAF since 1976 and has continued to develop for over 40 years, becoming a global success story with export versions being flown in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia and many other countries.

Sphaera's training designers have extensive hands-on experience with this aircraft and the technical capability to produce bespoke CBT or eLearning material for a full range of systems. This experience includes:

 Design of interactive CBT courseware for aircrew and groundcrew

 Conducting on-the-job training (OJT)

 Classroom instruction

 Hands-on maintenance and preparation

 Weapons loading and certification


Our interactive training solutions can feature interactive 3D models, control panels and schematic diagrams.

Hawk Weapons System

Use of 3D models enables users to identify the location of key components such as stores management computers, pylons, gun pods, armament junction boxes and associated cockpit controls.

In the example Hawk Mk 65, you can clearly identify the location of the pylons, gun pod and weapons programming unit (WPU).

Hawk Weapons Control Panel

Fully emulated aircraft control panels enable students to learn about the controls and then practise any associated flight management procedures in total safety.

In this example of a weapons control panel from the Hawk 100 series, students can practise checking the stores inventory or setting-up weapons release parameters.

Hawk Armament Electrical (Arm Elec) Supplies

Interactive system diagrams enable students to learn about each of the electrical components as the circuit is built up using a series of easy to understand steps. Then, when the system is complete, instructors or students can set up the system conditions and view the operation under those conditions.

The example shows the Hawk 100 armament electrical supplies.

Adour Turbofan Twin Spool Gas Turbine Engine

The Adour Turbofan provides propulsion for the Hawk and also the SEPECAT Jaguar. 

Unlike high-bypass turbofan engines (that are used in almost all large passenger aircraft) the Adour is a low-bypass turbofan design which is far more suitable for the speed ranges associated with military aircraft. The engine features a 2-stage LP compressor driven by a single-stage LP turbine and 5-stage HP compressor driven by a single-stage HP turbine.

We have a large set of clear schematic images for this engine and its associated cockpit instrumentation, which can be used to quickly create bespoke training material to match your specific training requirements.

If you have any training requirements for the Hawk simply contact us!

Hawk Mk 1A

Hawk T1A

Hawk Mk 65 RSAF

Hawk Mk 65

Hawk Mk 127 LIF

Hawk 100