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Interactive Training Solutions

For Pilot and Flightcrew

Pilot Training CBT

Sphaera provides highly interactive pilot training solutions inlcuding CBT, classroom trainers and eLearning to groundschools, airlines and air forces worldwide.

See below for examples of navigation trainers, aircraft systems CBT and bespoke recurrent training.


VOR Navigation Trainer

VOR Trainer is a fully interactive application used by groundschools and aerospace engineering colleges to help students understand the function of an HSI, RBI, RMI and VOR Indicator as well as DME.

Hydraulic Systems from CRJ200 Dash-8 and A320

These overviews of the hydraulic systems from 3 modern airliners feature sharp, clear and colourful images enabling students to quickly acquire all the essential knowledge to describe the purpose and functions of the main and back-up hydraulic systems, their normal sources of power, back-up supplies, distribution and their associated cockpit controls and indications.

The 3 aircraft featured are the Bombardier CRJ200, Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 and the Airbus A320.

BAe 146 Cockpit Main Instrument Panel

Sphaera has successfully designed and developed a complete recurrent training course for BAe 146 flightcrew.

The course covered the 27 systems of the BAe 146 including system knowledge, pre-flight checks, post-flight checks, normal operation and faulted operation.

Users have included Cityjet and British Airways.

If you wish to use any of our CBT within your groundschool, or require any bespoke pilot training material to be created, simply contact us!.