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3D Simulation

Real-Time 3D Simulation for the Classroom

3D Simulation and Serious Games for Training

Sphaera uses the latest 3D simulation tools to produce classroom trainers, 3D environments and serious games (gamification) that deliver the ultimate training experience at an amazing cost-effective price!


Aircraft Air Weather Radar Trainer

All the examples shown below are fully interactive applications that will run beautifully on a standard PC in the classroom:

ILS (Instrument Landing System) Trainer

An instrument landing system (or ILS) is a precision ground-based instrument approach system that enables an aircraft to follow an optimum descent when approaching and landing on a runway.

The ILS Trainer features a wide range of functioning ILS instruments, Nav Panel and clear visualisation of localizer beam and glideslope.

DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) Trainer

Distance measuring equipment (or DME) is a radio navigation aid that enables a pilot to establish the distance of the aircraft to a selected ground station.

The DME Trainer features DME, VOR and ILS ground stations and enables instructors to explain how aircraft navigate between them using X and Y channel interrogations.

Air Weather Avoidance Radar Trainer

Adverse weather can pose a threat to the safety of an aircraft in flight, therefore the air weather radar is an essential tool for pilots to analyse the weather cells in the planned path of the aircraft. Hazardous weather needs to be safely avoided, not flown through. Therefore, to display the most important information on the aircraft's weather radar display, some of the most important skills a pilot requires are effective tilt management along with appropriate range selection.

The Air Weather Radar Trainer features gain, mode, range and tilt controls enabling instructors to explain how to analyse a range of weather cells (of varying levels of precipitation) and ground features. In addition, the Air Weather Radar Trainer is capable of driving the azimuth and tilt servo motors of external antennas via a USB interface.

ATC Transponder Trainer

Air traffic control (ATC) uses 2 types of radar to detect and identify aircraft within their controlled airspace. PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar) is a conventional radar used to detect aircraft whilst SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) is used to interrogate the aircraft's transponder in order to receive its altitude and identity.

The ATC Transponder Trainer features an altimeter, ATC Panel and ground ATC radar station with fully controllable PSR/SSR and PPI display.

VR Tower Crane Training Simulator with Oculus Rift

Our tower crane training simulator, currently being developed for the construction industry, utilises COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) 3D gaming & virtual reality technology to create realistic, fully immersive training environments. This enables training to be conducted in complete safety and reduces the need for busy organisations to remove vital machinery from productive service.

The Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted display tracks head movement allowing operators to seamlessly look around in their virtual world just as they would in real life, such as looking around the cabin and peering out of the side window at the construction site below.

If you require 3D simulation within your training school then simply contact us!