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BAe Hawk T.Mk 1A

The BAe Hawk T.Mk 1 has been in service with the RAF since 1976 and is now used for tactical weapons training, air-to-air target towing and also by The Red Arrows display team.

The aircraft became the BAe Hawk T.Mk 1A when modified to carry AIM-9L Sidewinder AAMs on underwing launchers. This enabled it to support Phantoms and Tornados in the air defence role.

The Hawk T.Mk 1A's single Adour Mk 151-01 engine is rated at 5,200 lbst which gives the aircraft a top speed of 660 mph and a ceiling of 50,000 ft.

Sphaera's designers have years of hands-on experience in the maintenance of this aircraft and vast experience in the design of interactive aviation CBT courseware for various export versions.

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Hawk T.Mk 1A

Hawk T.Mk 1A of the Royal Air Force.