Aviation Training Systems

BAE Hawk Mk 65

The Hawk Mk 65 is in use with the Royal Saudi Air Force.

This aircraft features an uprated Adour Mk 861 engine rated at 5,700 lbst and a greatly modified wing with additional fences and 5 underwing weapons stations.

Sphaera's aviation training solutions are designed by people with years of Hawk export version experience that includes:

  • Hands-on maintenance
  • Conducting on-the-job training (OJT)
  • Classroom instruction
  • Design of interactive CBT courseware for aircrew and groundcrew

Examples of Hawk CBT and elearning material are shown below:



Introduction to the Hawk Mk 65

Why not try out this bite-sized example of an elearning lesson hosted on our AviationOnline LMS (learning management system).

The lesson provides the user with a quick overview of the egress, engine, fuel and armament systems.

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Interactive 3D Hawk Mk 65

Hawk Mk 65 Weapons Control Panel Demo

This demonstration features a fully functional weapons control panel.

Using this demonstration, you can learn about the controls and then practise any associated flight management procedures such as checking the stores inventory or setting-up release parameters.

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Hawk Mk 65 WCP

Hawk Mk 65 Armament Electrical Supplies Demo

This demonstration features an interactive system diagram of the armament electrical supplies.

Using this demonstration, you can learn about each of the electrical components as the circuit is built up using a series of easy to understand steps. Then, when the circuit is complete, you can set up the system conditions and view the operation under those conditions.

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Hawk Armament Electrical Circuit


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