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Interactive Gyroscope

For Demonstration of Gyroscopic Principles and Properties in the Classroom

Gyroscopic Principles and Properties

The principles and properties of a gyroscope can be a challenging subject for students to learn and for instructors to teach. Many of these challenges arise from the behaviour of our beautiful planet Earth, which has a significant (and often counter-intuitive) effect on a spinning gyroscope.

The two main properties to understand are rigidity and precession, as it is these properties that are exploited by inertial navigation systems (INS) and other instruments. 


Interactive Gyroscope Trainer

With a fully interactive gyroscope and model of the Earth, this fantastic classroom training aid provides instructors with all that they need to demonstrate the following gyroscopic principles and properties:

The interface provides total control of gyroscope spin, gyroscope lateral movement, gyroscope longitudinal movement and Earth rotation. The gyroscope may be viewed from space or from the Earth.

Additional features include, automatic alignment (vertical, local vertical and local North), manual alignment, geocentric camera lock and ground position indication. 

The gyroscope moving around the Earth

Demonstrate how the axis of a spinning gyrospcope continues to point in the same direction even if the gyroscope's location changes.

Transport wander caused by moving around the Earth

Demonstrate the different types of wander caused by the actual or apparent movement of the spin axis (real, apparent and transport).

A gyroscope mounted in gimbals to demonstrate precession

Demonstrate how force or torque applied to the spinning gyroscope results in the strange phenomenon known as precession.