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Astable Circuit

An astable circuit (as opposed to a bistable circuit) is not stable in any of its 2 states - continually switching from one state to the other (oscillation).

A circuit that oscillates at a frequency of over 100 Hz can be used to generate audio-frequency signals. Slower frequencies are used to drive flashing lights or buzzers.

The interactive example on the right is made from 4 resistors, 2 capacitors and 2 transistors. With power on, the circuit will oscillate between its 2 unstable states, as the charging of each capacitor turns its associated transistor on, and the other transistor off.

Using the integrated digital multimeter and oscilloscopes on the left of the screen, circuit operation can be demonstrated or observed. The instructor or the student is also provided with the flexibility of running the simulation in various modes, such as Key Event Mode, which automatically pauses the simulation whenever events designated as key events occur.

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Astable Circuit

A simulation of an astable circuit.



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