Aviation Training Systems

Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is a short to medium-haul commercial airliner.

It is powered by 2 high by-pass turbofan engines and can carry a maximum of 180 passengers. The aircraft has a fly-by-wire system and the cockpit is arranged for 2 pilots with an electronic instrument system (EIS) or "glass cockpit".

Sphaera's A320 CBT delivers approx 25 minutes of self-paced training covering the EFIS and the ECAM and is suitable for either student aerospace engineers studying EASA Part 66 (formerly JAR 66), pilots or aviation enthusiasts.

Also available are complete cockpit graphics for this aircraft.

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Airbus A320 cockpit instrumentation

Airbus A320 instrument panel

Cockpit instrumentation for the Airbus A320.


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