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VORTex and VOR Trainer

VOR Trainer is a user friendly, 'click-and-go' program that enables a student pilot to quickly gain familiarisation with various forms of VOR or ADF display.

With real-time 3D visualisation of the aircraft and VOR information, pilots can enhance their understanding of the relationships between the VOR information and the various forms of display.

An evaluation version of VORTex (the single user version of VOR Trainer) is now available for download.

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More information and online purchase of VORTex on CD-ROM is available by clicking here.


.VOR Trainer

Introduction to the Hawk Mk 65

Why not try out this bite-sized example of an online elearning lesson hosted on our AviationOnline LMS (learning management system).

The lesson provides the user with a quick overview of the egress, engine, fuel and armament systems.

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.Interactive 3D Hawk Mk 65