Aviation Training Systems

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Sphaera specialises in the creation of high quality bespoke fuel systems CBT for both commercial and military aircraft.



Typical features within a bespoke course could include 3D interactive models of generic or specific aircraft that can be used to identify the location of key components such as booster pumps, fuel filters, fuel tanks, selector cocks and associated cockpit controls and indicators.


Hawk aircraft fuel system

Hawk aircraft fuel system components in real-time 3D.


Animations and intelligent system diagrams can be used to demonstrate fuel delivery and operation of associated fuel system components.

These diagrams can be built-up as a series of easy to understand steps, allowing the instructor to explain the function of each component as it is introduced.

For more on the various types of fuel contents gauging see:

Generic Aircraft Fuel System
An interactive diagram of a generic aircraft fuel system


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