Aviation Training Systems

Aircraft Assisted Escape (Egress) Systems

Aircrew egress systems for modern military aircraft feature explosive operated ejection seats and systems to either fragment or jettison the canopy.



Sphaera's expertise in various aircraft assisted escape systems derives from:

  • Design of interactive CBT courseware for aircrew and groundcrew
  • Hands-on Maintenance

Our knowledge, experience and technical capability enables us to produce bespoke CBT featuring 3D interactive models of generic or specific aircraft, allowing users to identify the location of key components of the ejection seats and the canopy fragmentation system.

Animations and intelligent system diagrams can be used to demonstrate the operation of the canopy fragmentation system and ejection seats.

For on-line demonstrations of interactive system diagrams and cockpit controls see:

Hawk egress system components

Hawk ejection seat and canopy fragmentation system location.


For more information on instrument trainers or training material for specific systems, click on the links below: