Aviation Training Systems

SECAPEM Target Towing System

The SECAPEM target towing system is used for air-to-air target practice.


The SECAPEM type 52DHW banner target container (show on the right) is carried by a towing aircraft and launches a radar responsive air-to-air banner target when commanded by the pilot in flight.

SECAPEM container on Hawk

SECAPEM container mounted on centerline station of Hawk.



The banner target is rolled and loaded into the container in the state shown by the image on the right, and streams once it has been ejected in flight.

SECAPEM banner target

SECAPEM radar responsive banner target.



Sphaera's in-house experience of air-to-air target towing maintenance coupled with CBT and WBT design expertise makes us the number one choice for any organisations seeking training material for aerial target towing systems.




SECAPEM banner target towing container type 52DHW

SECAPEM banner target towing container type 52DHW.


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